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Voodoo Chill

March 5, 2012

Listen here   (Soundcloud will open in another window or tab)

I’ve mashed this Hendrix tribute together and used me couthy aul’ Korg M1 patch to create the background wash and the various weird sounds. Ian Kay’s smashed some crunching guitar chords and some licks.

The American missionary to Haiti you’ll hear is Bill Rudge website and his voice and testimony is used with his kind permission.

Jacques is played by an out-of-his-tits Mr Trowsers, and the song was recorded in The Zen Room.

The Haitian Rara performance was downloaded from the Prelinger Archives website

We’ve recorded live drums with Graham Kay in Cockfield on Wearside, but haven’t had the time to get them up on Cubase for a wee shifty yet.

I think this song works, but whether it’s taken any further forward I juist dinnae ken.

Listen here


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