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And Then She Whispered

February 19, 2012

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This is one of my favourite self-penned songs, although the song is a simple three chord alternating ascent and descent with just one sung verse and no chorus. All in all I think it took about two minutes to compose the song and another couple of days to orchestrate the competing melodies.

And Then She Whispered was written in a bedroom in Fergus Drive in Glasgow with a window overlooking a fabulous skyline and some neighbours. I liked to write standing up with a strapped acoustic guitar with a red light on in the room, and I would play and experiment for hours using the Glaswegian backdrop as a muse-incinerator if the musical or lyrical direction I was travelling was shite. The neighbours must have thought I was a weird perv gazing in to catch glancing love, but even if there was a bit o’ voyeuristic hochmagandy to be had I was too involved to see it.

The song was engineered by Eddie MacArthur at Stealth in Glasgow, and was mixed by Eddie and Ian Kay. I played guitar and sang, but the wonderful musicians who brought their magic to the production are as follows:

Ian Kay, Guitar

Joe Meechan, Bass and Piano

Andy Niven, Drums and Percussion

Laura Dunne, Vocals

Elmo MacDonald, Guitar

The lyrics are plain and simple and are about the electrical tension between two people. I was at the bar in Byres Road, ordering up a few beers beside a beautiful woman I had noticed out of the corner of my eye but didn’t recognise. She whispered my name and I burst like a water balloon:

And then she whispered

She gently called my name

And then she whispered

As she gently called my name

I turned to look

To see the beauty in her face

Her candle eyes

My utter fear so out of place


Listen here


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