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Devo Min #indyref Clef

February 10, 2012

Do you agree…? Rin the words

Enamels grind, three rampant chords

SAME flat. FREE sharp. Minor DEVO MAX

Wallies. Sparkle. Smoor’d wi’ plaque

The grandest pick in three hunner year

Lang sang but shushed for abdy’s weal


Honour’s grantit to SAME and FREE

Pride them baith, true destiny

When mind is fixed, to anither quest:

Land Reform and Pauper Test

Guid fare ye scoff at Lordly table

Guid grace yer ain wee fashion label


Bur DEVO MAX whit dung is this?

That panders “Bleat!” nane can resist

Nae block grant, aft worldly tension

Defend! Attack! Scaurs any nation

Fireguard works when coal’s in train

WMDs be farthest gane


And policy for oor freen’s abroad

In the gift of the London Lords?

Who hate and champ and wail and gnash

And toast ain might wi’ the petty cash

Gie ‘minster swap yon Holyrood jam

For Embra defence and foreign plan

  1. Mrs Dickens, Dumfries permalink

    I wish Dickens could write like this.

  2. Ah! A ripping yarn p’raps?

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