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The Cybernat and This and That

February 7, 2012

Cyber –                 A prefix that means “computer” or “computer network,” as in cyberspace, the electronic medium in which online communication takes place. The American Heritage® Science Dictionary

Nat –                     A certifiable fervent Nationalist nut job. The Daily Record

Cybernat –          1. An abusive and aggressive person who reacts intolerantly to anyone with an unflattering opinion on Scottish Independence or of the Scottish National Party on political or news websites. The Scotsman

2. A proud passionate patriotic defender of the ancient nation of Scotland, her history and traditions, her significance and standing in the UK/EU/RoW, and her capability of success independent from the meddling of repressive self-serving masters, against the humungous UK media machine and various boorish pro-Union posting balloons. Self-titled

Cybernat? I was a called a Cybernat today. Having initially taken offence, as is my default reaction to most things being a North Lanarkshire laddie of West Highland decent, I was about to umbragify my response accordingly. However, and this is an uncomfortable admission, my ire has calmed recently. I don’t get as het up as I once baked. My irk has become smooth and fresh white linen. So modifying my language with perfumed peace, and suppressing an embryonic gnash, I admonished the brainless stupid negative arrogant sheep-like imbecilic name-caller with wail-less panache.

I am new to Twitter and blogs and things. I am not an established Cybernat as the first definition above would have it. I try to be reasonable and acknowledge strength of argument and points skilfully made. A natural unsophisticated voice of reason. I’ll listen to other views like those of Labour Blogger Ian Smart – him that can stop my frustrated concentration with the use of one clever and beautiful word that slashes a Z on the front of my over-worn RAMMSTEIN t-shirt, and forces my ground-gaining momentum to stand at ease and fall out. But I much prefer the comfort of speed-nodding, like an unkempt Andrew Marr, to a WeegieBurdy breakthrough that brings clarity and reinforcement to what I messily think I believe in. It’s like puffing up the cushions for a better loaf.

I doubt I’m nae the latter characterisation either.  I might react with mediaeval penmanship against a slight sometimes or against a particular tube if the notion takes me, but, oft’er than not, I won’t be arsed. My reasoning is thus: I don’t think, and it’s just a guess, that anyone has changed their #indyref mind over one Twittery blaw with some contrary bawbag one way or t’other.  Similarly, I don’t think that a George Foulkes-ish neo-Luddite, with Lordly sham-piety for subservience towering head and shoulders over any left-leaned shed, has changed the mind of a single person in the last few years with their tweety shite. The same with the foul-minded slithery Douglas Alexandery type, razing high-built pride down to mucky deconstructive chaos, or a not-of-this-world bleary Tavish Scott-like twit misunderstanding a blatancy; they are no longer uber-influencers, leastways not in the way they intended. Ironically, I’d say that this ill-thought through belittling of people who believe wholeheartedly in Scotland, and the pro-Union media’s general branding of Pro-Independence with Laptop types as Dangerous Internet Nutters has helped to entrench views and raise the Cybernat from a perceived inconsequential deluded numpty to a carrier of a wee drappie sophisticated influence, with a few scary exceptions.

One Comment
  1. 0ctavia permalink

    Who would have thought it, Hugh Trowsers, a blogosphere virgin 🙂
    Beware the BritNats, they will find your blog and spew filth on itas often as they can.
    I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts in the weeks and months ahead.

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