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Taking responsibility for the words you choose to write

February 3, 2012

Och aye, today was yet another fascinating political day in the Scottish media as the polished and sparkling UK machine came oot the garage at last. MOT’d, serviced, fuelled up and with new high-grip winter tyres, the expensive Conservative-funded Rolls Royce slipped into first and drew away from the pavement.  In the family saloon newspaper side of the business, of the six UK nationals with Scotified amendments, and the five Scottish dailies I’ve bought every day this week, the party propaganda push, or PPP, is powering out content. Here’s a breakdown of the number of stories with a politically jaundiced slant as I choose to see them: for Independence 12  vs  against Independence 317.

The Scotsman is the newspaper with the most bias one way or the other. Taking comment out from overall news journalism, the percentage of For / Against is just under 96%. Inspired and perhaps intimidated by Messrs Russell and Highfield, the News and Politics journalists of the Scotsman are finding anti-YES twists in every political story they cover, some with genuine concerns, but some that would take Stretch Armstrong to pull back to sanity.  They spray-paint “INCOMPETENCE” over the YES landscapes, and they slash every YES politician’s portrait with Scream-stealing scalpels, while lauding and promoting every NO campaigner, corrupt, incompetent, or genuine to messianic heights.

Do Messrs Barnes and Farquharson’s four-inch” paintbrushes wash the red, white and blue canvas of their own accord? Are they visionary leaders in the pro-Union movement? Are they intellectual neutrals whose massive brains can sift the soil for seeds to re-plant, every seed found germinating proof of the Union benefit? Or are they in it for their £80K salaries, suppressing fairness, decorum and objectiveness as best they can to pay the mortgage and do the best for self and family?

I dinnae ken. All I know is that the UK gas-guzzling automobile is going up the gears and it is going to cost a lot of money to keep it moving. This money, secret and invisible, is coming from somewhere. It’s heaved into the Electrolux washing machine with Bold Biological scented with London Lavender and Tory Thyme and Judicious Jasmine, then dried and distributed. I dare say a small part of it ends up in the lazy lounges of Edinburgh’s highbrow cobbled streets, to be sub-distributed down the channels in salary and bonus.

I may be a miserable and jealous pauper. I may eventually back the wrong #indyref horse in time. I also may lose objectivity and class, but I will remain unknown to the history of Scotland when it is re-written after the referendum, regardless of result. I’m content with that. There are those however, those who scratch virtual paper most, who are already beginning to gain notoriety. I wouldn’t swap their Oxford Brogue shoes for golden boots or silvery slippers.

  1. Liked it muchly!

  2. A man whos words should be heard …. A man who will not pass un-noticed … who’s foot prints will remain long after! Salute.

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